Crazy parenting stuff I’ve tried


No one is more desperate than a tired mother.  Actually, one thing is more desperate and that is a worried mother. I read a joke one time along the lines of “a worried mother does better research than the FBI” and that’s probably true…

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I reached a whole new level of crazy when I became a mum, there was so much stuff I did in desperation to try and get that damn newborn baby settled or falling off to sleep.

Things such as:
– The baby shusher (worked)
– About 10 different styles of swaddles/wraps
– Three different dummies
– The car
– The pram
– Baby wearing (such a fail)
– Baby lullabies
– Blackout blinds
– Holding her a certain way to calm her
– Rocking the baby
– Rocking the bassinet
– Bouncing the baby (this worked but was so tiring for me)
– Patting, shunting and rolling her body in the bassinet
– Sitting quietly next to the bassinet
– Feng shui. Seriously. But I actually think it worked. Ha ha.

I couldn’t tell you what did and didn’t work coz I tried it all at the same time, but baby and I have survived this far so some of it must’ve helped.

A friend of a friend figured out that her baby stopped crying when they played Susan Boyle in the car (seriously), personally, Mackenzie loved the Pearl Jam Rock a Bye Baby CD in the car, I actually hear her little sighs when I turn it on. Ha ha!

What crazy/stupid stuff did you try to help settle your baby?
What worked?
What didn’t?

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