One for the boys


There’s plenty out there about women and their strength and resilience in pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.
We’re rightly recognised for all that we sacrifice and give to our children and our families. And if you’re lucky enough, you‘ll have a network of women who are there for you when you become a mother. I was lucky. I am lucky.

My mother, aunties, family friends, in-laws, cousins and friends all came out to support me in my early days and weeks with plenty advice and support in tow. And boy was there a lot of advice… and questions… and more advice… and conversation starters like, “what are you doing about X” and “when I had babies I did Y”.  A raised eyebrow and those “back in my day” conversations… All 100% supportive but also questioning. You see, they’re all experts at raising children into amazing adults, my wonderful wider network of family and friends is a testament to that. And I am lucky in that way too.

But here’s the thing about men, they don’t question. They trust. They don’t give advice other than to tell you you’re doing great. They just trust!
Trust that a new mother is the best expert of her baby. Trust that she knows what she’s doing, that what she says goes, and that she’ll ask for them when she needs them. If you have a network of men who are as supportive as mine they’re an endless resource of nappy changers, story readers and baby cuddlers. Coffee and cake providers (my darling brothers), always eager to hold the baby and are unflappable when baby is losing the plot and screaming the house down. Tough grown men who are brought to their knees by baby cuddles, giggles and smiles.

Mackenzie and I are lucky to have her dad as well. In life, I need my girlfriends just as much as the next girl, but I can’t imagine life without him. Getting married and having a baby has shown me parts of him that were lesser known, but always there, bubbling under the surface. And what an awesome father he is. He’s been exceeding my expectations on a daily basis. We’re not perfect people but together we are getting through the days and weeks and loving parenthood and family life. This is where I am my luckiest.
And so a tribute to the men in our lives, for who they are and what they give. Undying faith and trust in us as women, mothers, partners and friends.

Aren’t men great with their non-judgment?
What special men do you have in your life?

2 thoughts on “One for the boys

  1. Love this one Areta! Go the family friends all raising amazing children haha.
    And massive ups to our own amazing father’s! Where would we be without them and their undying love? Love your blog 😊😊


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