Is it bad that I…


Is it obvious that your priorities change once baby arrives? Yeah. And for me I suddenly stopped trying so hard to be perfect. But I fear that now my standards have gone out the window I’ve completely lost it so is it bad that…

– I can still easily fit my (fat arse) pregnancy pants?
YES. No futher comment.

– I do the bare minimum around the house?
Na. I could’ve saved so much time and energy doing this all along!!

– I self medicate with chocolate?
Yes. Wine would be more cool, I think, but it messes with me the next day so I tend to limit myself.

– I sometimes just use hand sanitiser after changing a wet nappy?
Ew yes, but I’m not the only one.

– I still go to bed before 9pm as if I’ve gotta get up to the baby for night feeds?
No!!!!! Although our girl is sleeping through (12 hours every night, thank you very much. DON’T KILL ME..) I’m convinced she’ll regress and I’ll have to get up to her for real so I want to stay in the habit of early bedtimes.

– I don’t always wear clean clothes?
Yes and no.. At the very least I ALWAYS wear clean underwear, especially feeding bras because I still get milk leaks, 8 months on… But I’m guilty of wearing the same trackies three days in a row.

– I switched to “hippy” products like natural and organic deodorant, body wash, shampoo and moisturisers once baby was born?
Probably. Could be a waste of money but I feel better and safer being more conservative.

– I don’t iron and I definitely don’t dry clean my clothes?
No. Firstly I don’t have anything fancy enough to be dry cleaned and I avoid buying all fabrics that crease!!

– I’ve fed Mackenzie stuff before the Plunket feeding chart said I was “allowed” to?
Probably, but I really couldn’t care about guidelines so long as I feel comfortable about my own decisions.

– I can eat a whole block of chocolate in an evening?
Nope!! As far as I’m concerned it’s a skill. Heh.

– I spend too much money on cute Bonds, Cotton On Kids and Carters baby clothes…?
Yes. It’s a bad habit 😦

And finally…

Is it bad that there are moments where I think my heart just might explode from all the love? Nope. Absolutely not.

How have your standards slipped since having a bub?

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