Beauty stuff I use, and love…


I want to take a break from the heavy motherhood stuff and get girly. I’ll get back to the mum stuff soon, but for now I want to share what products I use now that I’m a full time māmā!! 
Before baby, I had my daily makeup routine down to a fine, and efficient, art. There were a lot of steps, but I could do them all in 10 or so minutes. I love beauty products and there are two make up artists in my family. Makeup is in my blood, yo!

I used to do a full face for work and casual makeup during the weekends. Now I almost always wear next to nothing, my old casual look is now my “fancy” look and my old “fancy” is reserved for nights out which NEVER happens. Ha ha ha ha… *how depressing* 😥

A small disclaimer: I’m a little guilty of choosing products that work for me and that I find easy to use, rather than choosing first from what is cruelty free or natural. I like Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, general “drug store” brands and I have a special love for M.A.C.
The first proper grown up makeup I ever owned was M.A.C, they did my wedding makeup and my brother works for them so I get little freebies here and there. I’ve got so much M.A.C stuff I try not to think about how much it’s all worth..!! Ha.

L to R- M.A.C Clense Off Oil; Clinique exfoliating

Now that I’m a mum, and currently staying at home, I barely have time for beauty. But there are still products I live by!
For everyday, I make sure I’ve at least got a clean face and I’m paranoid about smelly underarms so I use a really nice LaVanilla deodorant and the M.A.C cleansing oil which I find doesn’t give me that tight feeling that foaming cleansers do. I also do a face scrub every second or third day and love to use the Clinique exfoliating scrub. I prefer this one over their “7 day” scrub as it’s menthol formula wakes me up when I’d rather be in bed!
I don’t use a toner as I don’t like how it dries my skin out, and I haven’t found one that I like so I just use a little Bobbi Brown moisturiser with an SPF built in and also a Bobbi Brown eye cream. Every few days, and especially if my skin feels super dry, a little trick I do is to apply the M.A.C skin smoother. It’s a super hydrating and beautiful primer which I put on top of my moisturiser. You normally apply it under foundation but more often than not I wear it on it’s own.

L to R- M.A.C Prep+Prime Natural Radiance;
If I’m going out for a coffee with a friend, I try to make some sort of an effort so I’ll slap on some M.A.C natural radiance base and tinted moisturiser. Without the base I find it harder to blend any sort of foundation or tinted cream so I almost always use it as I want to be in and out of the bathroom as quickly as I can. Mackenzie doesn’t give two shits if my face looks uneven, if she wants to be picked up she’ll yell at me until I do it!
I usually round my face off by using the M.A.C Studio Sculpt mascara as I love the brush on that one, and I’m obsessed with the Natio Brow Kit.  I’ve been filling my brows ever since I got them done at a brow bar in London which changed my life!
To finish I use an easy M.A.C lipstick like “Hue” or Mineralise Rich in “Posh Tone”. They’re both really nude and soft so it’s like wearing lip balm, but a little bit more grown up.
To get it all off at the end of the day I admit I use a water wipe, but the mascara is a little more difficult to get off so I’ll use a little M.A.C eye make up remover on a cotton pad. Then I’ll cleanse and moisturise. I also rate the Nivea eye makeup remover but that gets a little stingy if you get too much in your eyes!

L to R- M.A.C Strobe Cream; M.A.C Minerlize

If I’m pulling out the big guns (which is never) I go a bit more intentional with my choices and use…
– Strobe Cream as a base, applied after skincare
– Studio Fix foundation (for staying power), and I use the M.A.C 130 brush to apply it
– Pro longwear concealer
– Mineralise powder, in Medium
– Mineralise Blush, in Warm Soul which is a really pretty and natural blush
– The NAKED 2 kit is the best eye shadow palette I own!
– YSL Exfoliating Lip Balm to smooth out my dry lips and stop any annoying lipstick stains later
– For lipstick I love Lime Crime as it’s super duper pigmented (I love Centrifuchia and Retrofuturist). My favourite M.A.C shades are Candy Yum Yum, Relentlessly Red, Pink Plaid, Rebel, Twig and Cream Cup.
– I finish off with a spritz of a make up setting spray, like the M.A.C Fix+ or an Urban Decay one which is really, really effective
– and finally, a little spray of perfume!

If I could play with make up all day I would, but no one in their right mind would pay me to do that so I think I’ll just settle for messing around with it in my spare time!!

How has your routine changed post baby?

What are you go to mum beauty products?

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