What you need for a baby

What you need for baby


You’re pregnant with a little youth sucking babe of your own creation!!
One that will drain your wallet, fill your heart and top up your soul until it’s overflowing. Before you go out and buy dumb stuff you don’t need, learn a few things from my experience…

This is what you need:
– A place for baby to sleep, plus linen
– A car seat or capsule
– Nappies – cloth or disposable, we do a mixture of both
– Clothes and bibs (about three or preferably more of each item if you’re working on the premise that you’ll have one on the baby, one in the wash and one ready to go)
– Milk – from a bottle or boob, either is fine

* The only stuff I’d recommend getting new is the car seat and cot mattress, just to be on the safe side. In saying that we got a really good quality and well looked after car seat from my sister in law which we knew hadn’t been in any car accidents and was still within the recommended 10 year life span.

* I’d also just comment that of all the clothes we got given there were a lot of “under” layers that we didn’t use, like singlets. On the other hand, I found that because I was changing Mackenzie out of spewey outer clothes all the damn time, we sometimes ran low on onesies, leggings and cardi’s.

12028937_10153768757697518_1921247506_n 12029136_10153768752892518_781907412_n
: Mackenzie’s room (love her cot, bumper and spot the baby shusher!)
R: Bambino Mio AIO cloth nappies (my favourites, by far)

Extras that I found helpful:
– A change table – a lifesaver after my c-section as I couldn’t bend down for quite a while
– A good quality breast pump (if breastfeeding)
– Baby swaddles (We used the Miracle Wrap and then the Love to Dream)
– Airwrap cot bumper
– A baby gym with padded mat and hanging toys to keep baby occupied
– A baby carrier/ front pack
– A buggy/pram
– Baby bouncer
– White noise machine (the famous “baby shusher”)
– A highchair
– Baby bath (because I had a weird mental block about bathing her in our kitchen sink)
– Hooded towel, then once baby was too big I switched to a soft bath towel
– Old cloth nappies. Used as burp cloths, for baby to lie on when playing and for an extra layer in the cot to catch any spills.

Bright Stars baby bouncer, great for proping baby up, and for when they start solids but can’t quite sit up unsupported!

And finally, the stuff I either used once and then never again, or did not find helpful at all:
– 5 different types of muslin wraps (most were too small, and I couldn’t wrap to save myself anyway…see here)
– The capsule converter for our pram
– A complicated baby wearing wrap
– A baby swing
– Fancy clothes (I was too scared to ruin them so she only wore them once)
– Baby shoes (baby kicked these off and I gave up, plus babies don’t walk until they’re closer to 12 months so they’re really unnecessary for setting up your nursery)
– Fancy baby bag (I use a normal handbag more than the nappy bag)
– Change wallet (too bulky)
– Fancy baby bedding (always guaranteed to get pooed on..!)
– Bath thermometer
– Baby nail clippers (so dangerous, I ended up just buying some fine nail scissors)
– A newborn carrier (baby went straight into a standard size carrier)
– Fluffy nappy covers (modern cloth nappies don’t leak like they used to)
– Exersaucer, baby walker, baby pen… nope, nope, nope.

Thankfully Trademe exists and I was able to get rid of all that extra stuff, hopefully to a home that uses and loves those items.

12053291_10153768752942518_769746649_nOn the left, my favourite bag for going out with baby, on the right my most stupid purchase. The snap and go capsule converter seemed like such a good idea… I just NEVER used it 😦

What did you LOVE and find useful?

What did you find completely unhelpful and pointless?

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