Cloth Nappy Deodorisers

I put up a post about some lessons I learned when I started to use cloth nappies, and there were a lot of them!! One major turn off about cloth is the icky factor, and I’m not the best at handling ick!

I get around this by using a good quality wet bag inside a commercial grade bucket with a lid. I tried leaving it open to supposedly “air it out”, like other cloth nappy people say they do but YUCK. I could still smell them. Instead, I leave the lid on and make nappy pail deodorising cakes that absorb a lot of the stink!!

Here’s what I do:

– Add equal amounts of baking soda and boiling water into a bowl, I do about 2 cups and get around 6 cakes

– Line a muffin tin with cupcake cases (I use silicon ones from Kmart which helps you cut down on waste)

– Spoon mixture into cases

– Leave in your hot water cupboard, or a dry spot, for 24-48 hours until solid

– Drop 2-3 drops of tea tree oil onto each cake

– Optional: Drop 2-3 drops lavender oil

– Store (I keep mine in a glass jar)


* Baking soda absorbs stinky smells

* Tea tree oil is antibacterial

* Lavender oil is just for the nice smell, but you could add any other oil instead if you like! I love lemon and orange oil 🙂

* Most people add their essential oils to the baking soda and water mix, however I (accidentally) discovered the oils smell stronger if you drop them onto the cakes once dry

* Cupcake cases ensure the cakes don’t stick to the muffin pan, I store the cakes in their case until I use them so they don’t get too crumbly

* Once I’ve put on my nappies to wash, I grab my second wet bag, line the bucket with it, grab a cake and chuck it in the bottom. When I put that load on to wash the cake goes into the wash with the nappies which helps with the washing process and (I’ve heard) also cleans your washing machine!

* I’ve made these in bulk before and stored the cakes in a ziplock bag, in the freezer! They were still good weeks later!

* I also use these in the bottom of our rubbish bin and I’ve noticed it’s definitely less stinky!!
I’ll post about cloth wipes next!

Above: Our laundry shelf setup (If you’re wondering if I wiped the shelf and rearranged the products to look cool… You’d be correct! Lol)

I did a whole lot of research on Pinterest into cloth in general! Check out my board here 🙂

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