Cloth wipes

Cloth Wipes

Ok.. My final post about cloth nappies. For now anyway!! Choosing cloth nappies meant I naturally chose cloth wipes too, so here’s a little bit about what I do…

It’s easier to cloth wipe when you cloth nappy because they go into the washing bucket together, get washed, dried and folded in the same load and the cycle starts again. The logistics seemed easier!

I use disposable “water wipes” with disposable nappies as dirty wipes can easily be folded into the dirty nappy and chucked in the bin. I guess I find it easier using like with like!  And isn’t it super convenient that disposable wipes are wet and ready to go?

Initially I was strapping Mackenzie onto her change table and running to the bathroom and back to wet a cloth wipe. Then I discovered this genius idea of keeping a spray bottle handy, filled with water and a few extras ready to spray onto a cloth wipe before wiping baby’s bot bot!

You can find a whole bunch of instructions out there from different cloth mums who’ve concocted their own mix, and I’m no different.

My method is:

– 700ml cool boiled water

– Add 3 drops ecostore baby wash

– Add 2-3 drops calendula oil

– Add 2-3 drops tea tree oil

I then pour this into our (recycled) spray bottle and then top up with more water.


* The oils need to be heavily diluted to avoid coating your cloth nappies and rendering the fabric nonabsorbent

* Calendula oil is good for baby’s skin and helps heal any nappy rash present

* Tea tree oil is a good antibacterial agent

* Any good quality baby bath wash can be used, I’ve once used baby shampoo in a pinch! The point is to have some sort of gentle soap to help cleanse their skin

* Although it’s a bit of an outlay to buy the oils upfront, they’ll last for ages as they yield a large amount of solution for just a few drops

* The solution doesn’t look too pretty, kind of a cloudy mess, but it smells nice!

* There are also genius mummy’s who make soap bits which they mix with hot water when they need a new batch of cloth wipe solution. Here’s a cool recipe.

This is the shelf that has all of our baby “stuff” that doesn’t have another home. It’s currently where our cloth wipes and wipes solution lives too 🙂

What is your method for wiping baby’s bot?

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