Fabric koosh balls

Does anyone else remember koosh balls? These funny toys were all the rage in the 90’s. I got one for Xmas one year and OMG it was so cool!! Kids love tactile stuff, right? 
We made something similar at space but I attempted another one with a softer, more pliable fabric.
I cut up an old top which I think was made of jersey fabric. You’re basically looking for a fabric that doesn’t fray once you cut it, so Lycra or anything similar will suffice.
Ok here’s what you do:
Cut your fabric into long strips, making sure they’re the same length. 

I got too excited and didn’t take a pic of this step, but I used the exceptionally accurate method (lie) of eyeballing each cut to make sure they were about the same length
Arrange fabric into a neat stack    

Tie VERY TIGHTLY in the middle. 

I used this really strong plastic string that I have lying about    

aaaaand you’re done! So easy!    

Mine was moulting a little bit so I washed it and it shrunk, so it’s a bit ugly but Mackenzie absolutely LOVES IT. Like, she gets her legs and arms going all at the same time when I wiggle it at her. Ha ha.

What super easy crafts have you made for your baby?

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