Faking at being a craft mum

Ugh, I cant craft to save myself… The space group that we went to had weekly crafts which kind of got me started. I mean, I figure that kids toys are so expensive, if you can make a couple things they’ll have a bit of variety and it won’t mean re-mortgaging the house!
So here’s a few easy things I’ve made for baby… 

Wool pom pom   I followed these instructions

Rainbow ribbon teething ring

 This is a super easy and self explanatory, if you’ve got spare ribbon all you need is a wooden teething ring which are sold at most craft stores. Tie them on securely and take a lighter to the end of the ribbon so the ends don’t look ratty like ours..!

Tugging Box 

This one is very cool!! I used an old shoe box that opens on one side and that massive pink ribbon holds it together. Once baby has pulled out all the ribbons I open it up and pull them back into the box. A cool little write up on tugging boxes is here.

Wool ball garland 

I bought a DIY kit from Creative Tuesday and found it so easy to make the garland. The best part is that you can move the felt balls along the string and get it perfect (or random, like ours).

Tassel garland  

I made tassels using these instructions and then strung them on a longer piece of the same wool. 

Toy drum one side, posting box the other side  

I wrapped an old, clean formula tin in adhesive fabric and cut a hole in the lid. Mackenzie bangs on the bottom with an old plastic spatula, then flips it over and puts small toys and pegs into the tin. 

Numbers and shapes on wooden pegs  

I bought wooden pegs from the $2 shop and thought they’d be a cool toy, then I thought I’d get clever and drew numbers on one side, and shapes on the other side with a water based pen. It’s kinda overkill at this point but oh well.. 

Coloured wooden pegs  

I had a bunch of spare wooden pegs from the above exercise which I planned to use to actually hold up clothes. lol. But because I cheaped out and bought the most basic ones they SUCK at holding up wet clothes. So instead, I had some fun painting the heads all sorts of different colours with water based paints that I already had on hand. Mackenzie loved them when I first put them in her treasure basket, she kept pulling them out and studying each colour! 


I love our poi! Instructions here. 

Fabric Pom Pom  These are super easy, instructions are here

Baby monochrome flash cards  

These are black and white patterns printed on A4 paper and then laminated. Babies love black and white stuff, I think they’re interested in the contrast of light and dark while their eyesight develops..?

We cut the page into strips, punched a hole in the end and tie them together with a ribbon. When Mackenzie was a teeny bubba I’d prop these up for her to look at while lying on her mat. 

Scent bag  

This one is another easy one courtesy of space that appeals to baby’s sense of smell…

Chiffon bags can be bought from any cheap store or craft shop and most people have cloves, cinnamon sticks or star anise in their pantry. Mackenzie LOVED sniffing this little bag and waving it around, the only thing I’d caution is to tie the ribbon very tightly and check the bag often for any tears. I had to throw ours out this week as I was scared of the cloves bursting out of a little hole. 

And that’s it! I’ll look to keep posting more crafts as I do them 🙂 

Please feel free to share what crafts you’ve done for baby toys!

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