I’ve seen these grateful lists around a lot at the moment… I thought they were a bit “meh” but when I put some thought into it it’s pretty transformative to see your life in a different, more positive, way.

So with that in mind, today I am grateful for… 

My grey hair… Means I’m due another relaxing hair appointment

My muffin top… Means I’ve always got food to eat

My clingy baby… Means I’m a source of security for our daughter

Our messy house… Means baby and her dad have had fun messing it up and trusted that mama would clean it up *eyeroll*

Bad skin… Means less guilt for buying skincare

The infuriating cherry tree petals that blow into our house… Because they’re beautiful (if only they’d stay on the tree…!?)

Endless washing… Means we’ve got clothes to put on our backs, so why don’t I ever have anything to wear!?

My boobs… A source of free baby food!! And the excess cleavage is a bonus

A crying baby… Means at least she’s still alive, right!?

What are you grateful for?

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