To post? Or not to post? That is the question…

 Friends, family and stalkers alike would’ve noticed that we don’t put pictures of our baby on social media.
It’s not because we think of ourselves as anyone mildly important who must protect the value of our baby’s image, we just like to keep her to ourselves, friends and family only.

My husband was the main instigator of this, I really wasn’t bothered either way, but he felt really strongly about it. He also felt that there were other ways to let others know how she was doing, like private Facebook groups, snapchat, email and good old fashioned visits from family and friends!
I mean, we’re not hard out strict about it, if you take a peek at my instagram and you’ll see sneaky little pics of her baby toes or the back of her head, and I’ve kinda taken his “ban” as a challenge to show enough but not too much of our wee cherub.

Unsurprisingly people have been really cool about our “no social media” policy, we’ve had heaps of people say it’s so great that we’re not over exposing her or boring them with every detail of her life, and comment that they feel really special to receive pictures of our wee tot.
There are so many new challenges for the 21st century parent and technology is one of them. I can’t wait to tell my kids that there were no cell phones, Internet, Facebook and iPads when I was a little kid. I can imagine their big eyes, amazed at a world without the things that are so commonplace to them, just like when my own parents told me they didn’t have colour TV until the 70’s!

Bringing up kids now must be so hard when we’ve got to try and control the technology around them, something that’s new-ish to our lives, and so far we haven’t got the “controls” around it nailed perfectly yet, have we? Parents, how do you all do it? Write it down for me as I’ll be asking you in the years to come…

I guess all in all, there are things we’re comfortable with, and not comfortable with, things we accept and don’t accept, thing we control and don’t control and we’re all different!! The “no social media” thing is our non-negotiable just like “only organic” or “only cloth nappies” or “no screen time” is for other families. And oddly (or perhaps not) I really enjoy seeing baby pictures from friends and family on Facebook, it’s just not for us at this stage…

What modern conventions have you instilled into your family?

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