miracle (1)Ok lets get deep, about so-called miracles.

It’s a funny little term, isn’t it? Something of divine intervention and mystical happenings… I first started hearing this term on the daily when I was delivered of my baby – and in an odd way, it bothered me.

“Oh she’s such a miracle”,
“aren’t babies a miracle”,
“she’s so beautiful, WHAT A MIRACLE”, and so on.

Well I am here to tell new mothers that they all got it wrong.
Oh sure your baby is amazing but YOU are the miracle. Yeah, you!

I can understand why we think it’s the other way around, you do the deed one lucky time and then you feel sick a month later and suddenly your body is doing things it’s always known how to do, it was just waiting until all the stars aligned.

You walk (and then waddle) around for nine months until your body does what it knows how to do and then you have a baby! All along you think, oh well, my body is just doing it. Nothing amazing here. But you being able to conceive and carry your baby is a gift, not a right. This is something too many women know first hand. YOU are the miracle.

And then suddenly you are a mother. The “giver of life”, responsible for the wellbeing of another human, so small, so fragile, and born with the instinct to need and love you. Another miracle, that YOU enabled.

Most of us will go down one of two paths: earth mother or scared mother, and either way you end up at the same destination. Total and absolute love.

A love that burns so hard you could cry just thinking about it (and some of us do….ahem).

A love so full you would do anything for this baby.

A love so painful and sometimes scary you realise it could never be undone.

A love so tender that when your baby starts to give you back your independence, you could snuggle into their neck all day.

For the record I was the “scared mother”. Scared to listen to my instincts. Scared I wasn’t going to do it “right” (like that even exists). Just, scared of almost every aspect of my new role as a mother and it took me a fair few weeks to understand that I was the miracle.

I mean, I was barely present for the birth of my baby so there was no “love at first sight” for me, but hearing my baby stop crying and sigh with relief when I lifted her out of the cot? That was my moment of realisation that maybe I was a little “more” than I’d ever been before. Maybe I was something like a miracle.

Rocking Mackenzie to sleep and hearing her breathing slow, watching her snuggle into me and then basking in the shared silence. Man, that was such a miracle moment.

Feeding endlessly through cold nights and then my baby unlatching and staring at me like I was the miracle!? That damn well took my breath away.

Oh sure, I believe my baby is a miracle… But I am the miracle, all from having her.

What was your moment of realisation?
Any miracle moments you wanna share?

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