I am not usually a “New Year, New Me” type of girl… I hated resolutions, actually.
My thoughts on the topic was that I just didn’t see the point in deciding that there’s something special about the new year. If you want to change something, improve something about yourself or your life, why wait until a certain point in time?

This year though, I’ve got two resolutions and I’ve not done too well in either of them. They are:

1 – Less screen time, more mindfulness time
2 – Lose weight

I’m so aware that I spend way too much time on my phone, ipad, laptop or watching TV. I’m also becoming increasingly aware that there’s only a certain amount of hours per day, and if you spend them doing things that are mindless, like scrolling through facebook, you’re missing out on something! Something like, um, well LIFE.
I mean, before I signed up to Instagram and Pinterest a few years ago, or Facebook quite a while before that; before I bought a smart phone, before I had an ipad, do you know what I did?  I socialised, I went to the gym, I walked around the corner to my local cafe, I read books. I don’t do a whole lot of any of those things anymore, except for the cafe thing…
So the basis of that resolution is to get back to being in touch with my life and those around me, my husband and baby in particular.

That second one… ugh. I hate the thought of having to try to lose weight. I’ve only ever dieted once in my life which was an ill advised shake diet. I mean, it worked, but I was STARVING at all times and it caused a few health issues. Other than that, I’ve never tried and I guess my body got into a happy medium? I pretty much stayed the same weight/size from 17 to 27, when I got pregnant. Now, I eat the same as I always have but can’t shift the last of my pregnancy weight, probably because I don’t exercise as much as I used to.
This resolution actually has a triple benefit. Firstly, I’m going to need to focus on myself, and put myself first a little more than I do, secondly, I’ll be able to wear all of my old clothes which will save me money (rather than the few remaining clothes I currently wear), and thirdly, probably most importantly, I should hopefully be healthier (and much more likely to consider a second pregnancy)!


Are you a resolutions person?

Did you decide on any this New Year? And if so, are you brave enough to share?

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