10 things to know about me…

There’s a person behind this blog, and in an effort to share a little more I’m gonna jack those magazine columns that ask people for unknown facts about themselves…

1. I’m from Hamilton, New Zealand but have lived in Cairns, Australia and Amersfoort in The Netherlands. I loved living overseas but Hamilton is home. There is this joke that nothing happens in Hamilton but the joke’s on them… there’s heaps here and we’re quite happy to keep it all to ourselves!

2. I’m the classic “eldest child” type. I’m loud, bossy, opinionated and also the responsible one. I sometimes talk to my brothers like they’re kids, which they’re not… I still call our youngest my “baby brother” even though he’s 22, and I reminisce with pride the hilarious fights my middle brother and I had.

3. I’ve done a bit of travel in my life, but no way near as much as I’d like to. The best part of living in Europe was that the continent was on our doorstep. We’d do weekend trips away to Germany, Belgium, England, Wales, France, Italy… We hoped to stay for a second year but our visa’s weren’t extended so I still feel like my love affair with Europe has not finished!  We also honeymooned in America but I was 12 weeks pregnant and sick as a dog so didn’t enjoy it as much as I could’ve. Countries still on my to do list are Spain, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.. And I’d love to go back to America!

4. This one’s a biggie… I was scared to be a mother, but I now know it was only because I was scared of myself. You know when you’re happy overall, but  you’re scared about the unknown? That was me. I pretty much lied to everyone who asked if I was excited to be a mum but truly, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

5. I’m a perfectionist but I’m learning to let go. My husband Shannon is the best and WORST person for this… He’ll move things slightly out of place just to piss me off. Then when I get mad and move it back he’ll laugh and remind me that there are better things to get hung up about, and he’s right 🙂

6. I’m also a planner. Everything needs a plan and I must know the plan. Going out? What’s the plan!  Travelling? I need to know the plan!  Sunday afternoon? Let’s make a plan for the week! Having a plan means I mentally run through contingencies, and that means when things go wrong I always know what I’m going to do.

7. I have a BSc in Microbiology which I enrolled in because science was the only thing I was good at in school. It was literally the only subject I passed. That is not a recommendation, by the way. I now know I was good at it because it’s a finite field, and it appeals to my analytical nature. I got halfway through and realised it wasn’t really for me as a person even if I was good at it academically, but like a perfectionist I finished my degree and made the Dean’s Honours List. Since leaving uni I’ve had lots of different jobs and love working in teams where I can be around interesting, hard working and motivated people. Now I manage a team of great ladies which is probably the best and most fulfilling job I’ve ever had (apart from “mother”, of course).

8. I love beauty products!! My dream would be to play with makeup all day but then I’d have to get back to my real job because I’d probably never earn money from that.

9. I also love to bake which I learned from my mum and it’s one of my best childhood memories. Sadly, Shannon is lacking a sweet tooth so I don’t actually bake very often. My best/worst case scenario is baking a cake and then being the only one in the house who eats it!  I can’t wait until Mackenzie is old enough and we can bake and create yummy treats together.

aaaaand number 10. I’d love to learn a second language. Shannon is amazing that way and he speaks English, Maori, French and German. It’s really inspiring to live with someone who is such a natural with languages. It’s also helpful when we travel..! Shannon speaks to Mackenzie in Maori about 80% of the time so I’m hoping I’ll learn some of it by osmosis. If money didn’t matter and I had the nerve, I’d quit my job and do a total immersion course.

Now it’s your turn! What’s something you wanna share about yourself?

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