The 2017 Project Mama gift guide

I feel like christmas is on another level when you have kids… It can be easy to feel stressed about what to buy to the point where you procrastinate and get NOTHING, or you go out and buy all the things.

Last year I bought too much that I ended up having a stash of overflow for birthdays, so I’ve been determined to do better this year. The two things that made the difference this time was making a list well ahead of time, and then slowly buying over the last few months. I split the gifts into Mum&Dad gifts and santa stocking gifts to keep the cost down.

From santa, I buy based on the “something to..” list, where you buy your kids something small and low cost to: Wear, Read, Play with, and Eat. Then from mum and dad, we give one big/exciting gift and that way, the kids get something from santa but he doesn’t get all the credit for the awesome big gift!

These are some of the things I’ve bought, or wanted to buy, but didn’t have the budget!

Something to Wear:

Mr Vintage has got it made! I was very tempted by this cute baby onesie for christmas day and a t-shirt to go with our KiWi KiWi but by the time I went shopping for something to wear, I was deep in a pit of Christmas treat-yo-self regret.

Instead I picked up some cute summer togs for my daughter and a sunhat for my son in the Farmers 50% off sale.

Other cool NZ clothing labels I like are Peppin and Freedom Kids. As well as the many options on Facebook and Instagram.

Something to Read: 

This year I probably spent a bit much in this area as I bought three books, but two of them were on sale so… whatever.

First up I bought Maui and Other Maori Legends which is written and illustrated by Peter Gossage. I couldn’t go past it when I saw it on sale! This one is very special for me as I had some of these story books as a kid.

Secondly, Kuwi’s Very Shiny Bum, which completes our Kuwi collection and is Christmas themed!

And, Snooze with Hairy Maclary which we’ll give to the baby.

I’m a huge fan of the Kuwi The Kiwi books, written and illustrated by the talented Kat Merewether. The online shop is gorgeous but you can also buy the books from bookshops. The best thing about the Kuwi books online is that you get a mini Kuwi soft toy AND they donate to Kiwis for Kiwi.

Here’s an awesome list of NZ books from Booksellers.

Something to Play With: 

I bought these “paint a puzzles” when I was tempting myself with the awesome Aotearoa puzzles and magnet sets from Miracle Toys. The concept is pretty cool and I think we’ll have fun painting and decorating them. For the baby, I got him his own O-Ball because suddenly the toddler loves hers and refuses to share #eyeroll

I also have massive love for the Pipi Ma dolls which we are giving Mackenzie for our big Mum&Dad gift!

For other gift ideas for kiwi kids, you can’t go past the Buzzy Bee and our beloved KiWi KiWi. I’ve had good experiences with Jumpin’ Jacks, the Wooden Toy Store and Mainly Toys.

Something to Eat:
dinner set
I’d still like to think/dream/pray that Mackenzie is too small for getting sugar drugged at Christmas, so instead of actually buying her something to eat I bought her a new dinner set which features Kuwi the Kiwi. It was more than I’d like to spend but it’s so gorgeous and I think I’m going to love it more than her ha ha.

Other cool “Eat” ideas would be some handmade NZ fudge, or sweets (how good does the coconut ice look!?)

How does Christmas gift planning go down in your family?

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