The year that was

Two thousand and seventeen (plus many more) moments of resilience, and love. Pain and joy. Fun and monotony. And always learning.

If I could look back at this past year I would say it’s been about as busy and scary and exhausting and heartbreakingly beautiful as the past few. There have been good things and shit things and terrifying, life changing things, but in one word it’s been great.

So I present to you my 2017 learnings:

> Family is everything

> Buy less, but spend more for better quality

> The world didn’t crash and burn while being run by a few tyrannical fuckwits

> Second pregnancies are definitely not as special as your first

> Try to have at least one thing that’s all about you each day

> Two important people in my life had events happen to them which proved that your health is your wealth

> CC cream is way better than BB

> The espresso martini is still the best alcoholic drink everrrrr

> Definitely don’t take your pregnancy vitamin on a empty stomach unless you want to induce vomiting

> You really don’t need wine to get you through each day and you’ll sleep better for it

> You will always feel put together with your eyebrows done and a spritz of Jo Malone

> You should probably not blow raspberries on your baby’s tummy after bath time unless you want to get your shirt soaked in pee

> Toddler poo is usually very easy to pick up off the carpet

> First born children definitely have a hard time adjusting to their daunting role of being a big sibling, and that’s okay

> Nothing will ever be as cute a toddler who mispronounces words

> Going on parental leave for a second time was much less daunting and far more enjoyable

> You should probably not plan a major renovation right after finding out you are pregnant

> If you’re clever you can get by with bigger “normal” clothes while pregnant

> Grey hair when you’re a brunette is a pain in the arse

> Second borns do end up crying a bit more than firsts, but you’re less traumatised by it

> Keep in contact with your friends. You both need it

> When planning a birth you will worry more about your older children than yourself, your husband or your unborn baby

> Toilet training sucks

> It’s ok to feel sad for your first born when you turn their world upside down and have another baby

> Keep your dreams alive. You can achieve them. We achieved a few big ones this year and it’s been surreal

> Having a second baby doesn’t double your workload. It more like, quadruples it.

> And lastly… having a second baby doesn’t mean you share your heart. Your heart gets bigger to fit them in it.

What did you learn this year?

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