Who are you?
I’m a mum, wife, career girl and all round friend and family member.
I live in New Zealand, where I was born and raised and my husband Shannon and I have lived in a couple different countries too! We love travel, food, wine and beer, quizzing and watching sport.

What makes you a baby expert?
Hmmm I’m not. I’ve got a daughter, Mackenzie, and I’m learning as I go.
I’d like to guess that by the the time I have grown up kids I might know a thing or two, but my own mother says she’s not an expert and she’s got three of us..! Not long after my baby was born I remember saying incredulously that I didn’t realise I knew nothing about everything!
Although I’m not an expert I do hope that my experiences and musings might help another parent, or at least give you a laugh.

What’s with the name?
Becoming a mum is weird – you get called a mother once your baby is born but you still don’t have a clue about what you’re doing, it’s kind of a project getting to know your baby, finding your groove and falling into a nice rhythm. I’m forever learning, questioning and doubting, it’s a roller coaster of emotions and experiences!
The “māmā” is a nod to our cultural identity. Its also what I’ll prefer Mackenzie to call me when she’s talking. The Maori culture is forever around us; in the day to day life of living in New Zealand, in the way we named our baby, the language we use at home and the family traditions we have. We’re proud of our Maori heritage and want Mackenzie to be proud of where she came from too.

What is your comment policy?
Be kind, don’t be a dick. Or more eloquently, opinions will always be welcome but if you use abusive language you are NOT welcome.
Ask yourself:
Would I say this to someone’s face?
Would this hurt someone?
Would it hurt me if someone spoke to me this way?
Would it hurt my family if someone spoke to them this way?
If the answer is yes to ANY of the above questions your comment needs to be rethought.

Do you want to partner up with people?
Yes!! Guest blogs are welcome, email me!!

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