Round II


Welp, here’s something personal… I’m knocked up with baby number II.

My main reason for sharing is to tell you that OH MY LAWD round two is proving to be a lot harder than round one! My energy is low, my nausea is high, my stomach was popping before i even hit the second trimester, and my back and left hip is aching like it did the day before I last gave birth!

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The parenting facade

There’s something that’s been bothering me to no end lately.

It could’ve started when I re-read that awesome blog post by Emily Writes, where she explained that even if you *think* you’re being helpful by reminding parents to be grateful, it’s actually a dangerous thing to do.
To me, it feels like people are trying to suppress how we really feel. That it’s fucking hard, you guys. So hard. And it can be hard, but you can love it all the same. But it can be really dangerous to basically dismiss an expectant couple, or a parent when they don’t gush about how they love every minute of their life. You’re doing to us now, what you did to us as children, you’re telling us that what we feel is wrong. That we shouldn’t fuss. That we should just toughen up and get over it because previous generations had it hard and we have everything, now. So we hide it.

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It’s the little things

It was the first day of summer yesterday, down here in New Zealand, and this is my favourite summer chill song.

It got me thinking about the weird and wonderful little things that get you energised, make you happy, and make you want to get up tomorrow and fight the good fight all over again.

Do you know what they are, for you? This TEDTalk by Shona Rhimes explains what I think that feeling is like – “The Hum”. It can be a certain time of day, certain people or certain things you do in your routine. Continue reading

Parenting “Do’s” vs Parenting “Don’ts”

“Be kind, Be respectful, Be grateful, Be curious” is scrawled across the whiteboard I crudely drilled onto our kitchen wall. And in our family, this is how we aim to approach life, and each other.

Let’s go back to why I’m telling you this… I get really, really annoyed by writers who write with a negative slant when their message could’ve been communicated positively. Take for example, all of the “don’t” and “should” blogs, which generally have good content, but end up being parent shaming in the sense that you read them and feel guilty for doing all the things that the so-called experts tell you NOT to do, rather than empowered to try something new or to make a positive change. 

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How to travel with a baby

M and I

Looking back at our piece of paradise

Looking back at our piece of paradise

Hubby and M

Hubby and M

Private beach, and private outdoor shower

Private beach, and private outdoor shower


When a dear friend of mine announced she was getting married in Rarotonga we immediately agreed to go – baby in tow – and this is the story of how we survived the 3-4 hour flight there and back again.

Before I start, I just have to say that travelling anywhere by flight with a child is stressful. It’s stressful for your child, stressful for your fellow passengers, stressful for you as a parent, stressful for the flight crew, BUT, if you have the chance to travel I think you should take it.
Travel isn’t a given. It isn’t something that everyone is lucky to experience, and I reminded myself of this often when things got a little tough. Continue reading

How to be happy? 

I’m a pessimist by default, and you’ve probably already noticed that by my recent blog posts.

I live on the edge of “happy” and “unhappy” and it only takes one or two things to push me into the dark. Things like, sickness or being run down, but lately it’s been sleep deprivation due to my daughter being sick. AGAIN.  Continue reading