Faking at being a craft mum

Ugh, I cant craft to save myself… The space group that we went to had weekly crafts which kind of got me started. I mean, I figure that kids toys are so expensive, if you can make a couple things they’ll have a bit of variety and it won’t mean re-mortgaging the house!
So here’s a few easy things I’ve made for baby…  Continue reading


I’ve been doing a few little crafts here and there for baby toys. One that I had fun doing was a poi!!
Every NZ kid has probably played with poi, twirled a poi and sung a few kapa haka songs themselves but I’m really into poi being used in a traditional and contemporary way! They’re also a great toy for babies. Continue reading

How to swaddle your baby


I read so many annoying articles and watched so many youtube videos for help with my new baby. From burping, feeding and swaddling, I watched them all. Somehow the instructions seemed to make each task seem easy and there was never a trouble shooting guide! With that in mind, here is what happened when I actually tried swaddling…
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