Sleep… Glorious sleep

Sleep is my god.


I worship it, I reach out for it and I feel confused and lost when, despite praying to the sleep gods, I can’t achieve it. Now I try to live by all the sleep “rules” in the hope that it’ll be my time. That I’ll go to sleep heaven.

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 I am not usually a “New Year, New Me” type of girl… I hated resolutions, actually.
My thoughts on the topic was that I just didn’t see the point in deciding that there’s something special about the new year. If you want to change something, improve something about yourself or your life, why wait until a certain point in time? Continue reading

The pre-mum delusion

The pre-mum delusion (1)

Before I became a mum, as well a being a bit of a judgy bitch I had all sorts of deliciously stupid ideas about what it would be like to actually parent. I mean, it seemed that people had their stuff together when it came to babies and kids so I figured I would probably be the same, right? Wrong.

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How to swaddle your baby


I read so many annoying articles and watched so many youtube videos for help with my new baby. From burping, feeding and swaddling, I watched them all. Somehow the instructions seemed to make each task seem easy and there was never a trouble shooting guide! With that in mind, here is what happened when I actually tried swaddling…
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What to say to new parents (plus what NOT to say)

what to say to a new mum
I have the unique ability to genuinely not care what people say to me, or think about me, but motherhood means you can be a little more sensitive than usual so taking care about what you say can only be a good thing.  If it wasn’t obvious, this list is for a laugh but every joke is laced with some sort of hidden truth so….

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What you can really do for a new mother

 I’ve seen a few of these posts out there but here are my two cents:

Time your visit – ask her for a preferred arrival time. Morning tea or early afternoon always worked for me. You’ll avoid the witching hour and won’t impact sleep if new mum decides to go back to bed during baby’s first nap of the day. Tell her you’ll only stay for a short while so she’s not worried about missing out on a nap or getting any bits she’d planned to do that day. Continue reading