Round II


Welp, here’s something personal… I’m knocked up with baby number II.

My main reason for sharing is to tell you that OH MY LAWD round two is proving to be a lot harder than round one! My energy is low, my nausea is high, my stomach was popping before i even hit the second trimester, and my back and left hip is aching like it did the day before I last gave birth!

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How to travel with a baby

M and I

Looking back at our piece of paradise

Looking back at our piece of paradise

Hubby and M

Hubby and M

Private beach, and private outdoor shower

Private beach, and private outdoor shower


When a dear friend of mine announced she was getting married in Rarotonga we immediately agreed to go – baby in tow – and this is the story of how we survived the 3-4 hour flight there and back again.

Before I start, I just have to say that travelling anywhere by flight with a child is stressful. It’s stressful for your child, stressful for your fellow passengers, stressful for you as a parent, stressful for the flight crew, BUT, if you have the chance to travel I think you should take it.
Travel isn’t a given. It isn’t something that everyone is lucky to experience, and I reminded myself of this often when things got a little tough. Continue reading

Tips for working mum’s…

My mother worked too hard for me not to be great

Before kids I was a career girl – I absolutely LOVED my job, I’d show up early, leave late and check my email in the evening. I loved being a self starter who went with the career tide and came out knowing exactly where I fit in the world.
In a similar way, motherhood is one of those jobs you go into without qualifications, and completely unprepared for. It was totally mind blowing, challenging, out of my comfort zone and I loved it. I still love it!
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Cloth Nappy Deodorisers

I put up a post about some lessons I learned when I started to use cloth nappies, and there were a lot of them!! One major turn off about cloth is the icky factor, and I’m not the best at handling ick! Continue reading

Our cloth nappy baby


I decided pretty early on to use cloth nappies with Mackenzie. I remember mum used the old white cotton nappies with the red stripes and safety pins when we were kids and it was my job to fold them when they came in off the washing line. Continue reading

What to take to the hospital when it’s time to divide…

What to take to the hospital

You’ll either get given a list from your midwife or will likely Google what to take to the hospital…. But here’s what no one tells you: you actually don’t need half that crap and it’ll sit in that suitcase for MONTHS after you get home because you’re too busy with a newborn and you never use that stuff anyway. Continue reading

New mum survival tips


When I was pregnant I was so afraid of labour and birth I really didn’t take the time to learn anything about what to do with a newborn. I figured my experience with younger family members would help but the picture in my mind of how it would be was vastly different to the reality, and not in a good way. I laugh now at how naive I was… Continue reading

How to swaddle your baby


I read so many annoying articles and watched so many youtube videos for help with my new baby. From burping, feeding and swaddling, I watched them all. Somehow the instructions seemed to make each task seem easy and there was never a trouble shooting guide! With that in mind, here is what happened when I actually tried swaddling…
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