Can you have it all?

This weird little idea that women want to “have it all”, or should “have it all”, or shouldn’t “have it all” keeps cropping up lately and I’ve been mulling over it the last few days… They’re questions that mothers all around the world have asked themselves many a time and I’m kind of getting sick of it.  Continue reading

Treasure Baskets

Hands up if you knew what treasure baskets were BEFORE kids? Yeah, me neither…

I was first introduced to the idea of “treasure baskets” at our space group.
It seemed to me like someone jacked the old fashioned idea that kids don’t need much more than a wooden spoon and some pots to have a good time am I right!? I mean, kids love to explore their world and the whole treasure basket thing has taken that premise and made it an academic idea. Regardless, I love the idea of Mackenzie exploring everyday items and figuring out the differences between hard, soft, cold, warm, smooth and rough etc.

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