“Preparing your marriage for a new baby”

 I read an #ugh post on Pinterest on how best to prepare your marriage for a new baby… I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this lady was on a whole different page, no wait, BOOK than me. I’m a modern girl in a pretty equal relationship and although I’m married I don’t believe that marriage is the be all and end all to life.
We did some pre-marriage counselling before the church would agree to marry us so yeah, I definitely think there’s some merit to the idea of preparing yourself for parenthood, like you would for marriage. Most of all I think couples who are expecting should do it their own way, on their own terms, which now that I think of it may actually be different from mine..! But anyway, if you’re curious, here’s what I have to say on the matter:  Continue reading

Changing Friendships

A few of my new mum friends have touched on how motherhood changes everything about you. Your outlook on life, your body, your identity and the big one… Your relationships.

If you’re lucky like me it’ll be ok. Hubbs and I are actually stronger despite the dip in romance because becoming parents has been so amazing for us as individuals, plus there’s that moment every few days where we look at the baby and just think “holy crap we made you… and you’re perfect!”.  Continue reading

They told me


They told me, you know.

They told me pregnancy would be tough.
I didn’t quite realise how true that was until I was walking (or waddling) that walk. And I wasn’t actually 100% ready for what was coming either. I was one of the lucky ones. One of those women (probably very annoying to some) who got off contraception, did it once, and got pregnant..!
Finding out I was having a baby was so weird. First I was happy, then a little freaked out and I for sure didn’t deal with that second bit.

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Faking at being a craft mum

Ugh, I cant craft to save myself… The space group that we went to had weekly crafts which kind of got me started. I mean, I figure that kids toys are so expensive, if you can make a couple things they’ll have a bit of variety and it won’t mean re-mortgaging the house!
So here’s a few easy things I’ve made for baby…  Continue reading

My sleep training experience

**Note: this is an account of my experience with helping my baby to find her sleep.  I believe that the “training” part of sleep training actually applies to parents.  I trained myself to learn my baby and what worked for her, to parent her when she needed it and give her space when she needed that too.  Our experience is what worked for us and what we were comfortable with, as parents.  I absolutely encourage mothers to listen to their own instincts and decide for themselves before they try any sleep techniques.

After Mackenzie was diagnosed with reflux it was a bit of a relief off my shoulders – she was an unsettled baby that needed a lot of love and cuddles to be comfortable and to rest well. Suddenly I had absolutely no guilt when I fed, rocked, cuddled and patted her to sleep in my arms (like in the pic above). Continue reading

Cloth Nappy Deodorisers

I put up a post about some lessons I learned when I started to use cloth nappies, and there were a lot of them!! One major turn off about cloth is the icky factor, and I’m not the best at handling ick! Continue reading