miracle (1)Ok lets get deep, about so-called miracles.

It’s a funny little term, isn’t it? Something of divine intervention and mystical happenings… I first started hearing this term on the daily when I was delivered of my baby – and in an odd way, it bothered me. Continue reading

Being a dairy free mama

 At about 6 weeks old baby Mackenzie changed and she was not happy. Gone was my dreamy newborn and in came a cat napping, angry, spilly, gassy, mucousy baby. She slept for 10mins in her bassinet before screaming in pain and exhaustion, I’d go pick her up and she’d immediately spew or burb, then cry the most miserable wimper.  Continue reading

Tips for working mum’s…

My mother worked too hard for me not to be great

Before kids I was a career girl – I absolutely LOVED my job, I’d show up early, leave late and check my email in the evening. I loved being a self starter who went with the career tide and came out knowing exactly where I fit in the world.
In a similar way, motherhood is one of those jobs you go into without qualifications, and completely unprepared for. It was totally mind blowing, challenging, out of my comfort zone and I loved it. I still love it!
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When life happens before you’re ready

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” – Socrates


Something happens to you when your baby arrives… Well it did to me, anyway. Suddenly I finally understood what life is all about, and what we’re really here for. To live. And love like it hurts. To put someone wholly ahead of yourself. To sacrifice everything for that someone else. To endure all of life’s challenges. To finally understand priorities. And that when we die, it won’t be the money in the bank, or the status you might have, it’ll be the people in your life that’ll count. And I bet there are other experiences that allow you to come to the same conclusion too! Continue reading

Treasure Baskets

Hands up if you knew what treasure baskets were BEFORE kids? Yeah, me neither…

I was first introduced to the idea of “treasure baskets” at our space group.
It seemed to me like someone jacked the old fashioned idea that kids don’t need much more than a wooden spoon and some pots to have a good time am I right!? I mean, kids love to explore their world and the whole treasure basket thing has taken that premise and made it an academic idea. Regardless, I love the idea of Mackenzie exploring everyday items and figuring out the differences between hard, soft, cold, warm, smooth and rough etc.

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To post? Or not to post? That is the question…

 Friends, family and stalkers alike would’ve noticed that we don’t put pictures of our baby on social media.
It’s not because we think of ourselves as anyone mildly important who must protect the value of our baby’s image, we just like to keep her to ourselves, friends and family only.

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