Tips for working mum’s…

My mother worked too hard for me not to be great

Before kids I was a career girl – I absolutely LOVED my job, I’d show up early, leave late and check my email in the evening. I loved being a self starter who went with the career tide and came out knowing exactly where I fit in the world.
In a similar way, motherhood is one of those jobs you go into without qualifications, and completely unprepared for. It was totally mind blowing, challenging, out of my comfort zone and I loved it. I still love it!
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What you need for a baby

What you need for baby


You’re pregnant with a little youth sucking babe of your own creation!!
One that will drain your wallet, fill your heart and top up your soul until it’s overflowing. Before you go out and buy dumb stuff you don’t need, learn a few things from my experience… Continue reading


Ok so you’ve packed your bags and baby is on its way!

And ugh labour is the pits. Well it was for me… Everything that I was scared of, happened to me. And I realise now that I hated it because I had no control, and in the thick of it, I was just a spectator to my own labour. Hovering in and out of lucidity. Continue reading

What to take to the hospital when it’s time to divide…

What to take to the hospital

You’ll either get given a list from your midwife or will likely Google what to take to the hospital…. But here’s what no one tells you: you actually don’t need half that crap and it’ll sit in that suitcase for MONTHS after you get home because you’re too busy with a newborn and you never use that stuff anyway. Continue reading

The pre-mum delusion

The pre-mum delusion (1)

Before I became a mum, as well a being a bit of a judgy bitch I had all sorts of deliciously stupid ideas about what it would be like to actually parent. I mean, it seemed that people had their stuff together when it came to babies and kids so I figured I would probably be the same, right? Wrong.

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